gluten-free 101

How to Conquer Gluten-Free
A quick primer for Gluten-Free Living

(what I’ve learned over the last 6 years)

If you live in the Charleston, SC area, below are some restaurants that are gluten-free friendly:

Jason’s Deli – in St. Andrews Shopping Center has gluten free bread for sandwiches.
Also in that same center is Your Pie – they have a gluten free pizza crust and can top it with anything you like.

Five Loaves Cafe and Sesame Burgers has extensive gluten free options. Sesame Burgers has a wonderful Udi’s gluten free hamburger bun.

For gluten free pizza made locally, there are a couple of good choices:
Your Pie – St. Andrews Shopping Center
Crust – the center where Terrace Theater is on James Island
Brix – I have not tried their’s but hear it is good
Mellow Mushroom

Mustard Seed in Mt. Pleasant has a gluten free menu and can adapt almost any item to gluten free. They are very understanding. I would assume that the Mustard Seed on James Island does the same.

My friend Carmela on Facebook – No Wheat Treats – she is all about gluten free – she is local and can bake anything. She is a friend of mine.

There is a gluten free bakery here in Charleston called Sweet Radish – located on the corner of St. Philips Street and Spring Street. I have had some good luck there and some things are not so good. Can be expensive so pick accordingly.

Products that I have found are good and worth the money:

Udi’s does have a good gluten free pizza base – mostly sold at Publix in the freezer section along with their other goods.

Udi’s – sells the best gluten free bread products. You can get bread, hamburger and hot dog rolls. They also make gluten free muffins that are pretty good.

Jovial is the best gluten free pasta. I get mine at Whole Foods and Earth Fare sells it as well. This is the ONLY pasta I buy.

Other tips and tidbits:

Elizabeth Barbone – is one of the best gluten free bakers on the web. She has two cookbooks and is in the process of writing another one. She is NOT gluten free so she knows how gluten free baking should taste to be just like non-gluten free. If you want, I will lend you her book.

The best all purpose gluten free flour is made by Carol. I order 15 lbs. at a time. Her website is She is also editor of Simply Gluten Free magazine. It is good. Just click on the flours tab. Also, I order Better Batter Flour on line. This product is used in many of the gluten free on a shoestring website.

Chex makes many kinds of gluten free cereal and they are all good. Watch out for sugar.

Nabisco makes gluten free rice crackers in many flavors. They are really good.
Publix sells them as well as the Chex

Good Luck in this adventure and you will find it is an adventure!

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